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Drought Response Outreach Program for Schools DROPS

DROPS (Drought Response Outreach Program for Schools) is a grant program introduced by the State Water Resources Control Board as a solution for stormwater runoff and pollution at schools in California. DROPS provides education and outreach for best management practices (BMP) and watershed conservation throughout the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District, as well as BMP implementation at Truckee High School and Kings Beach Elementary School. DROPS focuses on projects that provide multiple benefits, including water quality improvement, water conservation, water supply augmentation, greenhouse gas reduction, and energy savings.

The Truckee High School DROPS project consists of infiltration basins, storm drain conveyance, bioretention basins, bioswales, landscape, irrigation, and permeable pavers.

The Kings Beach Elementary School DROPS project consists of roof drain connections to bioretention basins, infiltration trenches, landscape, permeable pavers, and a demonstration shed.

Students interact with their local environment by getting involved with:

- Art and Outreach

- Sustainability and Club Involvement

- Promoting Student Environmental Literacy

- Stormwater Monitoring

- Water Filtration