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Art and Outreach

Truckee students worked on an outreach art piece that will bring messages of watershed protection, ecosystem and wildlife conservation, and how pollution impacts watersheds. It represents the local watershed on Donner Lake and the surrounding mountains.

In collaboration with the metal artist Matt Parkhurst and Neil Wanesgard of Truckee Round House, SWEP facilitated this moving sculpture. Students learned metal work, welding, and laser cutting. The structure can be interacted with at Truckee High School's new West Wing.

Student holding fake fish for art piece
Outreach art piece
Truckee Roundhouse Logo
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Kings Beach Elementary School students learned how storm drains in our community and schools lead directly to Lake Tahoe, and how our daily actions have a ripple effect on water quality. The students created storm drain symbol stencils with local artist Sara Smith to incorporate into a storm drain art project where their message could be shared.

Storm drain art project
Students learn how daily actions affect water quality
Sara L. Smith Signature
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